Friday, March 4, 2011

Foyer Murals in the Style of Zuber

We're just adding some finishing touches to the Clark House's interior, including the installation of a hand-painted mural in the grand foyer. Done in the style of the Zuber wallcoverings, this elegant mural will be the first thing you see upon entering the house. Zuber, known the Manufacture de Papier Peints et Tissus began producing hand-printed wall papers in 1797, but reached the peak of chic in 18th century France.


Jacqueline Kennedy selected two Zuber prints for the White House during her years there and Gracie Mansion has two Zuber designs as well. In keeping with the tradition of celebrating the local landscape, the Clark House mural displays scenes of the gentle rolling hills and lush greenscapes of Middle Tennessee. This is simply one more way that The Clark House will be one-of-a-kind, offering a gorgeous backdrop for all your most special events.

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  1. Magnificent Mitchell has done it again! It is breathtaking.